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Makeup is An Art. Natural Beauty is The Spirit

Vitamin C Serum For Face

When we hear someone say the word “organic” or “natural” usually relate it with food. But here we are forgetting one thing, that along with maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and a balanced diet it is extremely important to maintain your skin. Life is to be healthy inside-out, want to know how? Let’s read further.

Skin is our biggest indicator to let us know how healthy we are internally as well as externally. Your skin is bare most of the time and it needs utmost care. Therefore, choosing the right skincare plays a vital role.

Now the question in your minds might arise, as to why should we be careful in choosing natural beauty products?

  • They are less exposed to chemicals:

If you have the sensitive skin type you will know how it can be easily irritated, and skin products with chemicals and other strange ingredients in them, such as Benzoyl Peroxide which is used to treat acne, often leave your skin feeling dry, red and sore. Try to go for products which are naturally sourced such as zinc oxide and lavender extract to give you a smooth sheen on your face.

  • Using Natural Skin Care Products Benefit The Environment:

One must go for natural and organic products that help in nourishing and giving a better output to your skin and the environment. Using skin care products containing chemicals can be so damaging and destructive to the environment because the sprays and perfumes that are released into the atmosphere are so harmful, as well as the process of manufacturing them.

  • Having a sense of smell:

A lot of times we have done or observed people buying products according to its fragrance. Now, the difference comes is we all know how to discriminate between what’s chemically based or manufactured  is a mixture of natural ingredients. How do you know that? Well, most of the beauty products have a nice fragrance to which half of the marketing is done right there and we also fall for it, but the catch is that all good fragrances aren’t helpful for our skin. It may even cause nasal irritation due to the chemical used. Natural products usually do not have a particular fragrance or might not even have a good scent.

As we know, we are still in the midst of the summer season and sometimes the sun can get pretty harsh on the skin right? So, to get a nice sheen and make your skin look younger check out Elvey Essential’s vitamin c serum for skin tightening.  It helps to visibly reduce and repair all major expression lines. The face serum is also dermatologically tested, Paraben-free and pH balanced for taking gentle yet effective care of your skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is especially beneficial for ageing skin.


Hey Ladies, your skin needs the best, and not compromising on your beauty should be your duty. At Elvey Essentials you will find a true mate for your skin. So what are you waiting for? Grab your magic potions today! Let your skin breathe with the gift of nature.

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